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Friday, 4 April 2014

Specs Saving with Bailey Nelson

Buying new glasses has always been a bit of an ordeal.

My eye sight is appalling. I'm extremely shortsighted and even have difficulty locating my glasses on the bed side table. It's definitely more of a fumble hoping that I'll bump into them. My glasses are the very first things I put on in the mornings and the last things I take off at night.

I've forayed into contact lenses but I really don't like wearing them. I've tried lots of different types and am yet to find ones which I can't feel in my eyes. I like wearing glasses and I think they suit my face so they're definitely non negotiable.

The only real problem with having appalling eyesight is on the beach. Many a time on the Polzeath beach I have gone body boarding in the sea and then wandered back trying to locate my towel. No mean feat when you can't see a foot in front of you. I'm sure I've got many strange looks peering at everyone lying on the towels, hoping to spot my own, but luckily I can't see them well enough to notice!

Anyhow I digress... My glasses are such a large part of me that I when I need to buy a new pair - approximately every 2 years because I wear them to death - my heart sinks.

Firstly, because I have to go through the faff of wearing contact lenses so that when I try on new frames I can actually see what I look like in them. I once bought sunglasses without wearing contact lenses, based on M's recommendation. Needless to say I haven't worn them since.

Secondly, I find it's practically impossible to find frames that suit me.

And finally, and most importantly, why are glasses so frickin' expensive? By the time I've bought  a half reasonable pair of frames (I want them to look decent, after all they are a huge part of my overall look), paid for glazing, scratch resistance and bought the ultra ultra thin lenses (necessary to avoid glasses which look like milk bottle bottoms), I'm looking at over £500.

I've toyed with the idea of laser eye surgery, but I'm not really in the position to fork out £2000, and as I said before, I do really like glasses.

However, all this glasses related stress changed when I walked into Bailey Nelson a couple of weeks ago.

As far as I'm concerned Bailey Nelson have revolutionised glasses buying. Their shops are simply laid out, and contain only what I would call 'fashionable' frames, so no need to sort through all the horrendous ones. I hate feeling overwhelmed by too much choice.

Best of all every single frame is £98 inclusive of scratching resistance lenses. No extortionate price tag for buying Chanel or Prada. There are no frills or stupid packages like a free second pair (why would I want a second crap pair, just because they're free, when will I ever wear them?). What you see really is what you get.

I should add that for people with over -4, they recommend you buy ultra thinned lenses at an extra £50. But even I can't complain over that.

All you have to do is email across a photo of your current prescription and within 5 working days they'll send you an email saying that your glasses are ready for collection.

I literally couldn't believe it. The complete cost for my new pair of specs was £148. Sorry Vision Express, I know I've been a loyal customer for years, but times have changed and I won't ever be spending £500 on a pair of glasses again.

M was so impressed that he splashed out on pair of prescription sunglasses for me for my birthday. I literally couldn't be more thrilled. Yes, I can finally see in the sun!

The new glasses, what do you think??

PS This is not a sponsored post. I paid every last penny for my glasses; the enthusiasm is all mine. 

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  1. I wish I had read this like 3 months ago ;) ! I used to detest wearing glasses mainly because most frames (I feel) make me look super nerdy plus my mum refused to let me wear contact lenses until I was 16..! That said, I decided I would venture out into the world of wearing glasses after seeing some great frames, and recently bought some Tom Ford ones but spent a lot of money (gulp!). That said, no regrets as I love them so much & have been unashamedly wearing them without feeling self conscious so that's got to be a win! That said, once I'm done with these ones, I'll definitely be making a trip down to Bailey Nelson!