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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Saxon Mill, Warwick

Now I've broken up for the Easter holidays, it's the perfect opportunity to go visit my family at home in Warwickshire. Meet the Ashley's who I call my pseudo-family. We're not related but we might as well be. I've known them pretty much my whole life and think of James and Charlie as the brothers I never had.

Jacqui was keen to take me out for dinner for a treat. We avoided a minor disaster when she told me that she had booked a table at Loch Fyne in Kenilworth. I ummed and arred for ages as to whether I should admit that I don't eat fish, after all there are several no fish options on the menu. In the end, I decided to tell her as I realised I would be pretty disappointed if I took someone out for dinner and discovered that they didn't eat 90% of the menu!

This aversion to fish and shellfish really needs to stop, but alas, I'm worried it might be too late to over turn a long standing hatred of fish.

Anyhow, I was super pleased with the replacement restaurant, the Saxon Mill.

The Saxon Mill is my very favourite eatery in Warwick. As you can see from the photos, the setting is absolutely beautiful. The Saxon Mill is named after the water wheel.

The Saxon Mill serves delicious gastro pub food in a relaxed setting. I know the term 'gastro pub' gets completely over used, but unfortunately that's the best way of describing the food served at the Saxon Mill.

decisions, decisions
We visited on Monday night (unfortunately without their other son James who was busy hard at work in the City).

As usual the food was delicious and we demolished the following:

garlic and parmesan pizette

prawn cocktail

Roast pork belly and mash

Barnsley lamb chops

Roast salmon

Earl grey tea creme brulee and biscuits

Greedily, I forgot to photograph my duck salad.

Peering out through the window, I spotted this wonderful sight.

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