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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dining Table Inspiration

With our move to Walthamstow fast approaching I'm into all things interior design. This is first time I've ever bought anywhere and, as such, it's the first place that I'm going to be able to put a proper stamp on. I'm sure they'll be many more interior posts to come, but to begin with I thought I'd focus on my current obsession - dining tables.


As with most properties in London, unless you're super rich, space is at a premium. I love holding dinner parties so I knew I therefore had to hunt for a long, skinny table i.e. one that seats lots of people without occupying too much space. I think I must have spent approximately 100 hours perusing on the internet, and pinning my favourites. I was very clear on what I wanted - a rough, natural finish with a couple of chairs and a bench for cramming more people on to. Click here to view my full Pinterest board on dining tables.

Here are my favourites.


My extensive internet research lead me to shortlist the following tables. 

Firstly, this Mango wood table from priced at £499. I loved the fact that it was made out of a sustainable hard wood, but didn't like the fact it had two benches and it was far too wide.

I toyed with this hugely economical, and space friendly trestle table from Amazon, but it wasn't quite the look I was after. I was sorely tempted to buy it though seeing as it's priced at just £100.

I saw first hand at the Sainsbury's Christmas Press Show what a stylish addition this General Store Dining Table would make, but found that it's dimensions were slightly too wide. It's currently in the sale at 10% off at just £269.10.

However, I am very tempted to purchase these multi purpose stools/bedside tables. They were also in the sale - £67.50. Who knew that Sainsbury's made such great furniture??

I also liked this table made from reclaimed wood, but it was difficult to work out what the finish would be like in reality from the photos and the last thing I wanted to do was to purchase a strangely iridescent dining table. I thought £225 was also excellent value.

This Marks and Spencer table is a steal at half price - £299 reduced from £599, but again it was far too wide for our requirements. I was pretty convinced that we could just about squeeze it in, but luckily M is far more sensible and soon stopped me ordering it.

I thought that we would never mange to find the perfect one, but on Sunday I stumbled across this table.

I love the fact that it's made out of reclaimed wood and recycled gas piping. Even better was the fact that we could order it to our exact dimension requirements and we could select the sort of finish we wanted. We were even allowed to send a photo in to show the sort of look we're after. We're hoping that our actual table will be much narrower and darker than the above picture.

You'd usually expect something bespoke to cost a fortune, but the total cost of the table was £279. Unbelievably good value. We've also put in an order for a matching bench that will definitely fit under the table, priced at £120. It also meant that we could buy chairs for the other side. We currently live around the corner from Cult Furniture and were ecstatic to see these in the window at just £30 each. Similar chairs cost £200 each in John Lewis. Apparently they're seconds, but I can't see any faults at all. In any case, they're supposed to be rough and ready.

Our table will take 1 month to make and deliver and I can't wait to see the finished product. Watch this space for pictures*

*unless it's horrible 

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