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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NEW! Now serving a take-away lunch menu at the Ginger PIg

I've been busy at work designing a lunch menu for the Ginger Pig. Currently we are best known for our butchery and delicatassen where we sell a selection of cooked foods. People come in to buy an occasional sausage roll or hot pork roll, but I feel that we are missing the mark with lunches. People tend to come in to buy their meat, then see the sausage rolls and think: 'ooh, they look lovely, i'll buy one'.

Really, therefore, my mission is to put the Ginger Pig on the map for lunches, starting with our shop in Marylebone. I want people to actively seek out the Ginger Pig for their lunch, as opposed to buying it as an afterthought. I have designed a flyer to hand out to unsuspecting tube goers and the office workers of Marylebone. Cheryl (our designer) beautified it and they've just come back from the printers. I can't wait to get started!