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Sunday, 13 July 2014

The British Summer Time Festival, Hyde Park

Another photo heavy post for you today.

Last November, M and I watched a blinding set from one of our favourite bands - The National. When we saw they were playing at this weekend's British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park, we quickly snapped up the tickets.

We got there early because first up was Lucy Rose. I went to school with Lucy (we actually shared Chemistry and Maths classes) and it's been staggering seeing her musical success. If you want relaxed music, perfect for a Summer BBQ, then Lucy Rose makes the perfect sound track.

BBC weather got it wrong yet again and M stepped out in wellies and we both wore clothes which were far too hot for 30C heat. After toying with leaving the festival in search of cheap alternative clothing from Primark, we resisted and chose ice cream instead.

Some of the drinks stands were insane - for half a second it looked like we had stepped into South America, 100 years ago.

BST festival has to be one of my most favourite festivals, ever. It's so relaxed and for someone food obsessed like me, there are no end of options.

After much deliberation, we chose the following:

Firstly, a Bleecker Street burger which I'd heard so many good things about.

Sadly it was so disappointing. Although it was super juicy and the brioche bun was amazing, the actually burger didn't have much flavour and the whole thing was far too small for the £6 price tag. It was more like a slider.

I chose something which I never, ever choose - Mac n' Cheese. Sometimes you just have to give into cravings, and that carb heavy, cheese feast was exactly what I needed. £7 was extremely steep though! They were also far too heavy handed with the English mustard, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Lastly, M ordered a Big Fat Salad, complete with chickpea ketchup, African stew and noodle satay. Yum yum yum. And a huge potion for £7.50 which seemed excellent value.

We also visited the Ben and Jerry's stall for our second helping of the day of ice cream. They were handing out free samples (or should I say huge helpings) of their latest flavours.

We can both vouch that the honey caramel and chocolate raspberry are extremely good. Their concession was amazing; they'd created a proper seating area full of bean bags and thrones(!). Lying flat out and looking at the sun through the trees made me feel like I was a million miles away.

Stupidly after all that food, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to go on the swings. What has happened to me in my old age - they were terrible. I hated every second!

Look at that grimace and such a relaxed stance!

Enough with the food and swings - what we'd actually come for - the music. In addition to Lucy Rose, we saw Half Moon Run (who are excellent live), Tom Odell, and my absolute favourites, The National. Matt Berninger's voice has to be heard live to be believed. An insanely talented man.

Maybe I shouldn't admit to this, but I didn't know who the headlining act - Neil Young was. We were really there for The National. We snuck out at the end of their set for a wander around Selfridges! God, I love living in London.

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