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Friday, 11 April 2014

Burgers, Bullring and Birmingham

As I was staying in Warwickshire for longer than usual, I had to squeeze in a visit to the Bullring in Birmingham. 

I spent many years wandering around the shops here when I was a teenager and it was great to pop back this time with my Auntie Jill.

We spent hours in Selfridges, lusting over the food on the ground floor, before working our way up to the expensive designer ware on the top floor. If only we had the money....

I was very keen to purchase these Dune sandals, but my stupidly short fat feet wouldn't allow it. Auntie Jill quickly snapped them up for herself instead. 

Several hours later, we were more than ready for our lunch. We decided against the plethora of chain restaurants and cafes, instead choosing to consult the Trip Advisor app on my phone. I soon stumbled across the exceptionally highly rated Warehouse Cafe, serving vegan and vegetarian food. After plugging the address into google maps, we left the the Bullring and meandered our way there in a matter of minutes. 

God, I love Trip advisor. There is no way we would have stumbled across this gem of a restaurant otherwise.

The Warehouse Cafe is simple and unpretentious. It is a not for profit organisation which focusses on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

I went for the banana burger (I was feeling adventurous), while Auntie Jill went for the refried beans tortilla. Both were exceptionally delicious and provided the perfect fuel for the rest of the afternoon's shopping. 

refried beans tortilla

banana burger
The owner of the Warehouse Cafe explained to me that the artwork decorating their walls changes every month and is produced by local artists.

I really recommend that you try the Warehouse Cafe if you're ever in central Birmingham. Not only is the food divine, but you get a lunch which has a proper story attached to it too. 

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