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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Aura Rosa Cakes

I ventured East to visit Frankie in Walthamstow. She showed me the many of the delights of Walthamstow Village including a dreamy little 'cakery' called Aura Rosa.

Aura Rosa can be found at Penny Fielding Gallery and Interiors which is an eclectic mix of bric-a-brac, trinkets and interesting interiors. However, seeing as I'm always guided by my tummy, I immediately headed straight to the back of the store where Aura Rosa was hiding.

As you can see from the incredible array on offer, picking a cake was no easy to task.

In the end I went for the store's namesake - the Aura Rosa.

A beautifully light rum soaked sponge was layered with creme patisserie, passion fruit and raspberries. Pure heavenly indulgence.

As I'd just eaten at Eat17, I took the cake away with me. Next time, if the weather allows it, I'm ordering another slice together with a pot of tea and enjoying it in their fabulous tea garden out the back.

Find Aura Rosa in Walthamstow Village. Follow them @CakesAuraRosa.

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