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Monday, 7 April 2014

Brick Lane Curry

Brick Lane is rammed full of curry houses.

Picking one in no easy task, especially when each curry house has its owner outside insisting that you come in and 'try the best curry in town'.

They offer all kinds of things to encourage you in: 'free drinks, cheap prices, free sides etc etc' and to top it off, every curry house, without fail, has a large banner outside proclaiming that they've won a prize of some sort such as 'winner of the Telegraph's best curry' or 'winner of the Time-out curry award'

M and I hadn't got a clue which to pick but we were hungry after our visit to the London Coffee Festival so we plumped for the first one we walked past.

We kicked things off with the obligatory poppodums and a vast array of chutneys.

We followed it with chicken korma (yes, boring I know, but I love the creaminess that comes from all the ground almonds), chick rogan accompanied with a peshwari naan and pilau rice. The curries are very traditionally British, if you get what I mean. They're nothing like the current trend for Indian street food or tapas that can be found at the incredible Zumbura or Roti Chai.

The verdict? A delicious curry that certainly won't break the bank. Our total bill was far less than the one we had on Clapham High Street a couple of months ago; all the competition must keep the prices low. It came to £30 in total, including drinks.

Go to Brick Lane for a cheap, tasty curry and to experience the buzzing atmosphere. Just promise me one thing; that you'll pick up some of the world famous bagels for the journey home.

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  1. Good to know that your curry journey was a success, I've never had a curry actually on brick lane (probably because I find the amount of choice too overwhelming, so we always ended up at the place with the outdoor barbecue for a burger!) but I've heard it can be hit or miss depending on which restaurant you end up in. Glad to hear that yours was a winner! If you're ever back in the area, then I would recommend Tayyabs (but you will have to be in the mood for meat, especially for their traditional lamb chops..!) though it is chaos in there (but as a fellow Londoner you'll be fine & will probably lap up the electric atmosphere!). Tends to be a queue on busy nights but the turnover is relatively quick x