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Saturday, 5 April 2014

London Coffee Festival

This time last year, M and I happened to be in Brick Lane when the London Coffee Festival was on. Hopeful to attend, we queued up for ages, only to be told that all the tickets had sold out.

This year we were determined to be more on the ball and booked our tickets online a month ago - this meant no queuing and cheaper tickets.

Yesterday marked my last day of term so I was more than ready to run out of school on the dot and meet M at the festival.

Obviously there was more coffee than you can shake a stick at and we were caffeine buzzy in next to no time at all.

In addition to the plethora of coffee available, there were numerous tea stalls...

Cake stalls

And there was a chill-our area where a live band was playing and you could sit back and relax.

The ticket was £11.50 which I actually thought was great value. The stalls were all very generous with their samples and the little bag we collected on the way in was full of mini samples of chocolates and biscuits. I may have also raided the chewing gum samples.

Do you think there are enough bags?

Personally, I thought that the Coffee Festival compared favourably with other similar type events like the 'Taste of London' where I find the entry tickets are incredibly over priced and then you still have to buy huge numbers of tokens inside to actually buy the food.

I made time to indulge in my current favourite food, frozen yoghurt

natural froyo with salted caramel curls

Someone's been spotted looking a bit too pleased with themselves; it must be something to do with the yoghurt

I also took the opportunity to eat my body weight in free Nakd samples. These bars are usually so expensive in shops, that it would be very wrong of me not to try every flavour at least once to make sure they were all ok.

There was also a cool coffee art area.

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