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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pitfield Popup

I love a store which is more of a destination rather than just a shop. Automatically, large department stores such as Selfridges and Ikea do this, but it's only in recent years that some smaller stores have cottoned on the fact that shoppers want more from their 'shopping experience'

Urban Outfitters was one of the first stores that started this trend, but I'm less keen on it these days as it's just full of knick knacks. Hutspot in Amsterdam succeeds perfectly as being a destination in its own right as it's full of uber cool fashion and interiors. I blogged about it back in December here.

In London there are lots of similar places in existence. Take Pitfield for example which can be found in hipster central, Shoreditch. Luckily such places are not restricted to London alone and I was very pleased to discover that Pitfield has spread its wings and opened up a popup in Winchester.

To use Pitfield's own words 'Our interiors and lifestyle shop, cafe and exhibition gallery presents colour, glamour, glitz and excitement.' I think it's a pretty accurate description.

M and I visited initially because we were hungry. We both chose to sample their cream tea. I was very impressed with the tea blend I chose called 'Pitfield blend' which was loose and screamed of quality. I think they put a bit too much in though for the size of the tea pot as it became too strong and pretty bitter very quickly. The scone was beautifully light and fluffy and was accompanied by the heavenly combination of clotted cream and jam.

We then spent ages looking at the plethora of interesting objects and interiors which are all for sale.

If you thought I hadn't shown you enough photos already, take a look at some portrait ones...

The Pitfield Popup can be found on 12 The Brooks, Winchester. Follow them here

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