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Sunday, 2 February 2014


I went to visit my best friend Anna this weekend. I've known Anna for the longest out of all my friends and although we went to different unis, we've still managed to remain the best of friends. Unfortunately with her living in Durham and me in London we don't get to see each other any where near as much as I would like, but it's always great when one of us makes the effort to do the 6 hour round journey.

Anna gave me a pretty comprehensive tour of Durham the last time I visited, so this time a visit to Newcastle was in order.

For once the weather was beautiful and we took the opportunity to stroll by the river and look at the famous bridges.

It was a pretty blustery walk and I was more than ready for my lunch at Oliver and Bean. Olive and Bean is an excellent cafe in the centre of Newcastle serving incredibly fresh, high quality food. I love cheese and couldn't resist the cheeseboard especially as it was a very reasonable £7.49.

My favourite cheese was the Manchego and it tasted great with the chilli jam they served with it.

Unfortunately, after my massive cheeseboard I couldn't make room for one of their tray bakes which looked incredibly delicious and intriguing! (I really wanted to try the salted caramel and popcorn one). We'll just have to pop back some other time.

We then wandered around Grainger market, where we stumbled across this coffee stall serving the most amazing array of coffees. Anna plumped for the Guatemalan roast, whilst I went for Kenyan.

We then spent a fab few hours in a bridal shop where Anna tried on some dresses. She's getting married next year and it was so emotional seeing her look so beautiful in the dresses. I really can't wait for her wedding!

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