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Friday, 14 February 2014

The Anti-Valentine's Day

Don't get me wrong, I love M lots, but ever since I entered my twenties I've more than fallen out of love with Valentine's day. Call me cynical but I just think everything's so overpriced these days.

I regularly buy myself flowers and adore receiving them. However, I banned M from buying me some as I know he'd end up paying three times the amount compared to a regular day. The same goes for dinner.  Restaurants charge stupid amounts too. The worst example I've found so far is this tasting menu at Pied a Terre, where they're charging a whopping £790! I mean seriously, you have got to be kidding!

Seeing as we're being relatively frivolous next week as we're travelling to Barcelona to celebrate our four (!) year anniversary, we decided to treat this Valentine's day like an ordinary Friday, i.e. picking somewhere to eat based on exactly what our stomachs felt like.

This meant Byron Burger. You can never feel disappointed when you've got one of those inside you. We shared a portion of french fries before moving on to Snog for a Natural Yoghurt. I just want to know one thing though - why on earth is frozen yoghurt so expensive? When you compare it to gourmet ice cream, which arguably has far more work put into it in terms of making all the different flavours, the price of frozen yoghurt is laughable. We try to remedy this by always sharing a large one - it works out slightly cheaper this way (we do the same in Starbucks although we haven't been there for ages!)

Finally, we moved onto cocktails at the London Cocktail Club closest to Oxford Circus. I especially liked the lychee flaming passion fruit martini.

Why so serious? I'm just contemplating how to drink it without setting my hair on fire!
So yes, all in all, a great success. And no I wasn't at all jealous of all the women walking around with their flowers! M has promised to buy me some soon....

PS Just bought this. Can't wait to read it! I love Tom Rob Smith. Read Child 44 - it's definitely in my top 5 reads.

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