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Monday, 17 February 2014

Gordon Ramsay's Maze

Not one to miss out on a good offer, M and I decided to celebrate the first day of our holiday by going for the special early bird set menu at Gordon Ramsay's Maze.

The offer, in more detail, includes four courses and a peach bellini. Maze offers a selection of small dishes. The set menu allows you to pick any four in any combination, for example you could have two desserts if you really wanted to.

The food at Maze isn't the best you'll ever try - it relies a little too much on salt for its predominant flavouring. I certainly wouldn't ever order the £75 set menu. However, when you catch a good deal like our Toptable one, it's certainly worth a visit. Particularly as the surroundings are nice, and it feels suitably special and 'posh' which is largely due to the highly attentive waiters and waitresses. The totally over the top iPad wine list also adds to the sense of occasion.

I'll run you through what we ate...

Bread to start with, obviously.

Brasied beef feather blade, pomme puree, shimeji mushrooms

Duck terrine, black pepper poached pear, fresh walnuts and Sauternes gel

Steamed pork bun, sweet corn and fried onions

Clementine parfait with clove ice cream, Cointreau glaze

Chocolate and peanut bar, caramelised banana

I hugely enjoyed the unexpected petit fours at the end of the meal - always a highlight.

If you're interested in the offer you can find it here. It's £30 for 4 courses and a peach bellini. It's available Sunday to Thursday for either lunch (12-3pm) or early dinner (6-7pm). This particular offer ends on March 31st 2014.

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