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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Barcelona Part 3: The Beach

With skies like this, there could only be one destination for today - the beach.

We started our second day by walking to Montjuïc Park, where there are some of the best views of Barcelona to be had. Here I enjoyed using the panorama setting on the camera.

We took a couple of photos of each other. M's photo was far more successful than my own. Stupid wind...

Seeing as the weather was so beautiful, we decided to walk to the beach rather than get the metro. I made a couple of friends along the way.

The sky was blue and the sea even more so. Absolutely stunning.

Excuse the stupid face - I haven't quite got the hang of these yet

Although there are many hugely overpriced restaurants on the water front we found one called Surf House which served some really tasty food at approximately £7 a main dish. I ate scrambled eggs with gruyere cheese, parma ham, asparagus, pesto and toasted foccacia. M chose a burger.

Lunch time views - not too shabby

Dinner that night was the best of our entire stay and was happily on the road we were staying, Carrer de la Carretas. We visited a restaurant called Lo de Flor. Well, I say visited. This was a massive understatement, we actually visited this restaurant no less than three times.

We stupidly arrived at 8pm to find it well and truly closed. After skulking back to the apartment we turned up later, at 8.30pm, to find it, you guessed it, still closed. Finally, we were third time lucky and on returning, this time at 9:15pm, found it open and already busy. In fact it was so busy that we got the last available table for 2.

Lo de Flor's food was deliciously fresh and unpretentious. We shared the best burrata I've ever tried. For those who haven't tasted it yet, burrata is like mozzarella's superior cousin - so creamy and milky. This was followed by a lamb stew, think a typical English one, but freshened up with lots of cherry tomatoes and herbs. I could definitely see myself eating this in the Summer here. I just need to perfect a recipe for it first...

Love this wine list and just look at the prices!

Yummy burrata

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