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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Restaurant Review: Bibimbap

After the success of last weekend's Korean meal, I jumped at the opportunity of trying yet more Korean food. Rather than eating BBQ again, we went for another authentic Korean meal, Bibimbap.

Contrary to what that looks like, that's actually fillet beef and not beetroot

Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish which literally means 'mixed rice' and is served in a boiling hotpot.

We called into Bibimbap* on Charlotte street to sample the food.

The great thing about the hotpot is how varied and surprisingly healthy they are. You get your choice of meat or tofu served with a huge selection of vegetables and sticky rice. When it arrives you're supposed to stir it together quickly with chop sticks to continue the cooking process. It's also usual to top your hotpot with an egg; either fried or raw.

What to pick? decisions decisions 
Decision made - Beef bool-go-gi

I went for a marinated beef dish together with a fried egg. M was more adventurous and went for raw fillet beef and raw egg which he 'cooked' himself by mixing everything together rapidly.

M 'cooking' his meal 

The end result? An exceptionally tasty bowl of goodness.

Bibimbap in my mind is an excellent Wagamamas alternative. The food arrives quickly, and is importantly great value at about £7 per hotpot.

PS Order a green tea - it's amazing!

After stuffing ourselves with delicious Korean food, I realised that my second stomach aka 'dessert tummy' needed satisfying and we popped into the nearby Le Pain Quotidien for dessert and coffee. I was good for once, and plumped for a fruit salad with a macchiato.

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  1. A great place for bibimbap (which isn't too expensive - menu's on Facebook!) & korean food is Dotori opposite Finsbury Park station, forgot all about it! Their korean tempura is dreamy too :)