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Monday, 20 January 2014

A guide to Bubble Tea

I've been craving bubble tea for absolutely ages and I finally satisfied my craving on Saturday.

For those of you who haven't tried it yet, here's my mini guide to bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a hugely popular drink in Asia. It originated in Taiwan in the 80s.

It's a really refreshing iced tea which comes in an infinite number of flavours. It's so called because of the tapioca balls served with it which you suck up with a huge straw. It took me a few attempts to like them as they're unlike anything we generally eat in England, but now I love them. They're like a stiff jelly and it's really fun sucking them up the straw and chewing them with a gulp of tea.

Don't get too fazed by the huge number of flavours. Broadly speaking you can either go for milk or fruit flavoured tea. For bubble tea virgins I'd recommend a fruit tea. Passion fruit flavoured tea is a particular favourite of mine.

passion fruit and kumquat bubble tea
Bubble tea is widely available. I bought mine in Mooboo, Soho.

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