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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Korean Restaurant: Asadal, Holborn

Last night we went for dinner with some of my favourite people, Frankie and Simon. Frankie is so great at picking interesting places and last night was no exception.

We tried Korean for the first time. We went to Asadal in Holborn. The menu is extensive and we started with a vast array of soups. I chose egg soup.

We then sampled some appetisers in the form of marinated chicken wings and fried courgettes.

This was followed by the main event - the BBQ. You pick a selection of meats - we chose pork, beef and ox tongue.

The hot plate is lit before you and then you fry your meat yourself. Really fun and different. You then eat it with lettuce and spring onions - it's like a really healthy taco.

At £8 for a relatively small plate of meat it's not cheap, but I would recommend Asadal to anyone who's after something a little bit different.

Have you ever tried Korean?


  1. Ooh I love Korean food (well especially the barbecue and some of the amazing marinades they come up with!) - the only issue for me is (similarly) price. I've tried Myung ga twice in London - the quality (and tastiness!) of the food was great but you can easily spend £60+ a go for two people which, frankly speaking (and considering portion sizes), is too steep for my liking!

    1. Couldn't agree more! I wouldn't go back to Asadal unless I was feeling particularly flush with money! Bibimbap is a far more economical option. I haven't been to Myung ga yet - it's on the list! Still loving mein tay by the way.

  2. hi did you have to book your dine in at asadal restaurant, because i am interested to visit this place but i dont know if i need to book a table or not, i have tried to call them but their telephone number is always busy. please help. :)

    1. Hi, we did book as it was for a Saturday night. The place was quite busy so I'd recommend you keep trying if you want to go on a weekend evening. If it's for during the week I'm sure you could just walk in without a booking. I called this number 0207 430 9006