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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Food: Honest burgers - best burger in London?

I knew it wouldn't take long to return to Brixton Village.

Ever since I spotted Honest Burgers a couple of weeks ago, I've been dying to go.

cheese burger
Knowing that the queues were usually stupendously long, we trotted along early evening on Sunday. Many of the other eateries were closed in Brixton Village so we were a little concerned. No need to worry though, Honest Burgers was open and heaving. Happily, however, we got a seat immediately.

I chose a cheddar cheese burger while Martin plumped for 'Honest': a burger topped with cheese, bacon, picked cucumbers, onion relish. Honest Burgers keeps its menu tiny and therefore makes sure it executes each burger perfectly.

Both of our burgers were absolutely fabulous and much better than the ever popular Meat Liquor in my opinion. I've never known such a juicy patty of meat - patties can tend to be quite try. The toasted brioche bun, salad leaves and onion relish made the perfect accompaniments. I quite enjoyed the chips, but I think that they were a bit over powered by the rosemary (such a strong herb).

The 'Honest' Burger
What I really like about Honest burgers is how unpretentious it is; you crowd on to a trestle table with lots of other diners, eat and go. Also, for around £8 for BOTH burger and chips, how can you complain? A couple of friendly diners told us they lived around the corner and have been known to visit 4 times(!) in 1 week. They were enjoying the special: Brindisa chorizo and manchego cheese. It should be mentioned too that the beef comes from the Ginger Pig Butchers. Honest Burgers really uses the best ingredients.

I really enjoyed reading the Burgaffair blog where two guys attempt to eat their way round every burger they can find. They rate Honest burgers at number two on their list, so I'm desperate to try Elliot's Cafe which is at the top.

It was quite a decadent Sunday night as we also stopped at the Wishbone cocktail bar which specialises in sours. For £5 you can pick from the following:

I chose Aperol, egg white and ice, while Martin chose the smokiest tasting whisky ever, egg white and ice.

Aperol - left, Whisky - right

Martin's whisky sour

Apparently, Wishbone does amazing chicken so we'll obviously have to come back to try that.

A visit to Brixton Village wouldn't be complete without a stop at Chillbox Frozen Yoghurt. This time, we shared a macerated cherry, pistachio and honey natural frozen yoghurt. Soooo good.

Such a perfect evening...except for one thing. Whilst we were eating and drinking the heavens opened and boy did it chuck it down. As you can see I was very suitably attired. Martin found my shoe covers hilarious and took many pictures.

soooo very attractive
Where is the best burger you've ever tried?

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