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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Food: recent eats

praline meringue cupcakes
It's safe to say that it has been a very greedy week so far. I've tried to balance it slightly with gym visits and yoga, but not sure I've cancelled out all the food. I just thought I'd share some pics of what I've been munching on.

Martin and I have a routine of going to Wagamamas pretty much every Wednesday, but the weather was so beautiful yesterday that we forwent the chicken katsu and took a good 'ole M&S picnic to Regent's park instead. We picked a couple of fresh salads, a meat selection, summer fruit jellies, a pork pie, percy pigs and croissants, all washed down with raspberry lemonade and red wine we had left over from the weekend. There were lots of work teams playing soft ball and I was so jealous. Martin had to stop me from asking if I could join in.

Martin's attempt at arty food photography

I also brought along some cupcakes I'd made earlier:

Praline meringue cupcakes

I thought this was quite a nifty way of transporting the cakes to our picnic. It's my converse box with some card folded into it complete with cupcake holes.

transporting cupcakes safely!
Aside from having a picnic, we've been eating more summery foods generally. Below is one of our slightly healthier eats. Sorry for the appalling presentation and photo. Improving my food photography is a slow and often painful process. It's oven baken chicken legs with mashed sweet potato, garlic pan fried okra and bacon.

chicken, sweet potato, okra and bacon
I've been eating lots of praline meringues which I showed you how to make here

Ottolenghi massive praline meringues
I've also been nibbling on some homemade praline for an energy boost:

I've been enjoying eating lunches made up quinoa salad with sweet potato and broccoli with plenty of salad leaves and a whole wheat quesadilla with a cheddar cheese filling.

How does your diet change in the warmer weather? Do you have any favourite salads/recipes?


  1. Those cupcakes are so tall! And the meringue on top is beautiful too. :)

    1. Thank you! I've been testing lots and lots of meringue recipes! The cupcakes are tall because they're in special cases from Ikea

  2. I'm with Kiersten - I am mesmerized by those cupcakes! They are just gorgeous - and I love your brilliant idea for transport.

    1. Thanks :) I wanted a cheap way of transporting them without having to buy the special cupcake boxes!