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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Food: diet, but oh so fabulous, chocolate ice cream

cheat's ice cream

Just a quick post today. I just wanted to share this fabulously easy, healthy and decadent recipe I saw on the amazing The Londoner blog. It's a chocolate ice cream made with frozen banana and any other flavours you want to add. I needed to use up an over ripe pear, so I popped one of those into the mix too. This recipe is great when you want to treat yourself, but don't want all the calories and fat that that usually includes.

Serves 2 greedy people

2 large bananas
1 dessert spoon of cocoa powder
optional extras: spoon of peanut butter/maple syrup
optional toppings: mini marshmallows, chopped nuts

1. Chop the bananas up and place into a freezer bag. Freeze for at least 5 hours.

2. You'll need quite a powerful blender as the bananas get very hard. Place the banana and remaining ingredients into the blender and blend for a few minutes, until absolutely smooth.
3. Place into a bowl and top with any toppings you fancy.

Do you have any favourite diet treat recipes?

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