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Monday, 1 July 2013

Life: Caz's graduation

My best friend Caz graduated last Friday.

We both met at university where we were studying the same course, Veterinary Medicine. I quickly realised that being a vet wasn't for me, and, after getting my first degree, decided to train as a science teacher. Caz, however, was a good vet and stuck it out. She qualified on Thursday after 6 long years. I couldn't have been more proud.

To celebrate Caz held a meal in the Wordsworth Room at our college for her family.

Caz picked out the most fabulous menu accompanied by some incredible wines: a Reisling and Pinot Noir.

For starter we had a pistachio and dukkah encrusted duck breast, cooked rare with an orange salad. This was followed by roast pork belly and seasonal vegetable. For pudding, we ate a syrup spnge pudding with praline ice cream. So incredibly delicious.

the menu
It as such a lovely occasion celebrating Caz's incredible achievement.  One of her best graduation presents was a pink stethoscope which had been engraved with 'Caroline Furry Fixer'.

Caz's actual veterinary school graduation was the following day. Martin and I used our free morning to wander around Cambridge.

Corpus Christi clock
We started at Queens, walked along King's Parade and ended up at Martin's former college, Trinity. Unfortunately, I was too hungry for my brunch to pay a visit to my college, St John's, so we soon ended up back at the Eagle pub.

Mathematical bridge, Queens

King's chapel

Martin's former college, Trinity

The Eagle is Cambridge's most famous pub. This is because Watson and Crick (discoverers of DNA) first ran in here on finding out about their ground breaking discovery.

I greedily chose a huge Ploughman's complete with cooked ham, Tawny Valley cheddar and stilton.

Before the ceremony, there was just enough time to visit Caz's horse, Sway.

Gorgeous Caz in her gown.

I was so happy when we bumped into our Director of Studies at St John's, Dr Williams.

It was such a lovely couple of days; a culmination of all of Caz's exceptionally hard work.


  1. It's very hard to qualify as a vet, congratulations to your friend! A pistachio crust on the entree sounds like such a good idea!

    1. It really is! I couldn't have been more proud. It was great that it was celebrated so nicely too. Caz is specialising in horses so I'm very much looking forward to hearing all her tales!

    2. There aren't many large animal vets compared to small animal ones, Caz is even more special!