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Monday, 8 July 2013

Life: Boscombe beach and lazing by a pool

I love visiting Caz at her home town of Ringwood, Hampshire.

It really is such a stunning area - it's like going on a mini holiday every time I go to see her.

I come from Warwickshire and often forget how much there is to do there. My visits home are so full of visiting family that I forget that Martin might like to visit Warwick Castle or do an open top bus tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Caz is the same about where she lives. She lives very close to Bournemoth and I'm always amazed at how infrequently she visits the beach as it just never occurs to her to go.

However, this time we were determined to play at being tourists and so a visit to the beach was definitely in order.

We started by visiting Boscombe beach. It's a very lovely coastline round these parts - gentle promenades, easily accessible beaches and a sea which is nice and close. I love going to Cornwall but boy is it a trek to the sea when the tide's out!

Although it was a warm day, the sea was still so cold. Caz wouldn't go in, but I ventured out as far as my waist. It was freeeeeeeeeezing!

'Yes, it's cold, very cold indeed'

reluctant photo subject
We walked along the promenade for a bit and I couldn't resist taking some snaps of the beach huts.

How cute was this one?

We decided to have lunch at Urban Reef overlooking the beach.

We started with their speciality lemonades based on a recommendation from the waiter - I chose seasonal berry, while Caz had a strawberry one. The strawberry one was particularly good.

I ate pulled pork with spiced apple chutney in a ciabatta. They were a bit stingy with the pork and it definitely wasn't pulled, more small chunks of pork, but it was yummy all the same.

Sorry it's already been partly eaten. I'm so greedy that I often dive in straightaway and only remember to take a photo when it's half eaten!
Caz enjoyed a beef and horseradish ciabatta. I wish I could like horseradish but I really dislike strong mustardy/wasabi type flavours.

Urban Reef is a great place to eat lunch - a stunning view and I really like the local produce it sells.

In the afternoon we went to visit one of Caz's friends and spent the afternoon swimming in their pool. The house was nestled in the New Forest and it was incredibly quiet and private. Absolute bliss.

view from the pool

Which is your favourite British beach? Have you ever visited the New Forest?

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