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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Flat Planet

Ask people what they're planning to do when they visit London, and shopping on Oxford Street will almost certainly feature on their list. And in my experience, hours spent traipsing up and down the endlessly long high street always necessitates a pit stop. What always amazes me though, is how so many people seem incapable of leaving Oxford Street in search of sustenance.

Every single Eat, Pret and Starbucks is heaving, which is such a shame because you only have to venture one minute down a side road to find something far more exciting and less mainstream. Soho, Carnaby Street and Charlotte Street are all just a stone's throw away, and they each contain a plethora of places to choose from.

That's where Flat Planet comes in. I've wandered past it lots on my way to Ping Pong, but never actually ventured inside. What a waste!

Flat Planet can be found at the start of Carnaby street, just past Liberty, and, more importantly, right by Ben's Cookies (an absolute must!). Flat Planet specialises in pizzas/flat breads made from spelt flour. 

Not only are they incredibly healthy but the flavour combinations are to die for. I agonised for ages before selecting the garlic chicken with rose harissa. Being a boy, M chose the meatball version. Why is it that pretty much all men seem unable to pass up meatballs if they spot them on a menu? Subway's the same -  meat ball marinara always seems to be the order of the day. 

Coupled with delicious food, Flat Planet's surroundings are achingly cool, and the best thing about it is the price. Most flat breads are around the £6 mark and a large glass of wine is a very reasonable £4.50. It really is the perfect escape from the mania of Oxford Circus.

I enjoyed it so much that I returned just three days later with Frankie for a post work catch up!

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