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Friday, 9 May 2014

Escape to the Country II - Beautiful Bluebells

For those who read my blog regularly, you will know that I'm a girl of relatively simple pleasures. Good food, great friends, and a pinterest full of interior decor in differing shades of white are all it really takes to keep me happy. Add to that list a beautiful day in the countryside and I really couldn't be happier.

After the success of our walk in the South Downs a couple of months ago (read about it here), I was keen to pop back again and enjoy a day walking in the country.

This particular walk ended up being one of the most magical, picturesque rambles I've ever had the pleasure of taking. The bluebells were out in full bloom, and everywhere I looked, all I could see was a wash of blue (well purple, really). It was like a scene from a Disney cartoon. Just with fewer giant caterpillars.

The walk began just outside Haslemere at Marley common. I used Fancy Free Walks again and this is the particular walk I followed.

It's hard to do the scene justice in words, so this is a post where the photos will do all the talking...

En route, I came across this elevated shed, and obviously had to bring out my inner child. I scrambled up the giant ladder (it felt very Jack and the Beanstalk-esque) and peered out over the surrounding countryside.

I promise I didn't see the 'no climbing' sign until it was too late!

Eventually M managed to drag me away from my treehouse and back to the walk, as we had a fair distance to cover (it was meant to be 8 miles, however after some slightly misleading directions it ended up closer to 12!) Still, with woodland like this to walk through, it was hardly a chore

Promise me you'll go find yourselves some bluebells before they're gone for another year. Make sure you're quick about it; they'll be gone in just a matter of weeks.

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