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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas dinner 10 days early

We stupidly agreed to host a pre-Christmas at ours. Our kitchen is absolutely diddy (2mx3m) so I thought it was pretty much mission impossible. Because I didn't want to stress out too much about the cooking we bought things like cranberry sauce and bread sauce pre-made. The rest we did ourselves with a little help from our friends.

We started the proceedings with Sainsbury's mulled wine* - if you're looking for a pre-made bottle than look no further than this - absolutely divine.

I served up roast turkey complete with all the trimmings: red cabbage, brussels, pigs in blankets, kale, roasties, parsnips, carrots, bread sauce and cranberry. It felt like a massive undertaking but with a little help from everyone it was totally doable. I inadvertently made far too many shredded vegetables: kale, red cabbage and shredded sprouts with bacon but it all tasted good.

We finished with Christmas pudding and brandy butter and then ate mince pies* and our homemade Christmas cake. We got sent some amazing Ecclefechan tarts* which are basically a caramel eccles cakes in mince pie form - not to be missed! After that, I could barely move!

We swapped our Secret Santa gifts, and as with all our gatherings, we couldn't resist a game or two of Articulate made even better by the accompaniment of the biggest bottle of Prosecco ever (thanks to Sarah and Paul!)

Later we avoided playing charades and instead played 'Who's in the bag?' which must be the most fun free game out there.

Phew! Job done - first Christmas of many out the way!

Do you have a favourite Christmas game? Do you love or hate sprouts?

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  1. I LOVE articulate! We also have previously played Cranium which is fun in a group. These days, trivial pursuit tends to make an appearance too… Congrats on hosting a Christmas party, glad it went well and that it wasn't too stressful! I've only ever hosted one which is more of a 'potluck' which works well as everyone can bring something (helpful considering my kitchen is tiny too!)