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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Amsterdam Part 2

I really love Amsterdam. Despite the fact that there are 'coffee shops' serving cannabis and a well known red light district, it's a really safe, clean, accessible city. Being only 45 minute by plane from London makes it really convenient too.

Amsterdam is like England. It's really open to other culture's cuisines. As such you can find pretty much any world food there. The coffee is also fabulous as are the chocolate and cheese shops - a real foodie haven.

We were staying right around the corner from an amazing store - full of quirky clothing and interiors complete with a cafe upstairs- called Hutspot. You could (we did) spend a whole afternoon there perusing the shelves.

Also right by Albert Cuyp market was Fris. An incredible cafe serving the most amazing fresh food at great prices. It was so good we went back twice. Both times I chose veal meatballs with parsley spaghetti and a truffle mayonnaise. Delicious.


On the last night we ate at a Turkish restaurant called Bazaar which had a great vibe. Unfortunately the food didn't quite live up to the surroundings, but it was enjoyable none the less.

Staying right by the market meant that we had access to fabulously fresh food.

Our final lunch came from Brix in the 9 streets area of Amsterdam - an area fully of quirky shops and well worth a visit.

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