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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Amsterdam Part 1

We headed straight to Amsterdam when I broke up for the holidays. I'd spotted a fantastic looking apartment on Airbnb (yet again!) and we couldn't resist going for a few days before Christmas. At £77 per night, it was an absolute steal.  Nina's apartment was perfectly located at the Albert Cuyp market. I love the whole European thing of having 2 duvets - it's definitely something to think about next time I buy soft furnishings!

As with all my breaks, much of our time was spent exploring, eating and drinking. I'll add a post dedicated to eats and drinks tomorrow. The weather was appalling so we went to the museum quarter and spent a while at the Van Gogh museum.  

I don't really enjoy shopping very much but Amsterdam was perfect for me. It has lots of small independent quaint shops with things that you wouldn't get on the high street - much more my kind of thing. It felt so christmassy wandering around the Christmas markets and looking at the festive displays in shop windows.

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