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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Life: self assessment

I've been pretty uninspired with cooking lately which is odd.

Normally I have back log of recipes that I'm dying to try. I think I've been relying too much on the same food - quinoa for example - and I've stopped coming up with new and exciting methods of cooking with it. I've been eating far too much quinoa and sweet potato which, although delicious, loses some of its enjoyment when you've had it for lunch 5 times in a row.

When I did our last shop, I therefore decided to just buy what I wanted to eat - like ingredients for brie and grape sandwiches. Not as healthy as I would have liked, but sometimes you just have to get exactly what you fancy. It's odd too, in that the I've been wanting to eat far more naughty things: Party Rings, white chocolate buttons, truffles to name a few and I've been allowing myself. Although I'm eating all these things, my appetite in general has decreased so I reckon I'm eating less overall, the problem being that everything is far less nutritious.

It's almost like I've temporarily lost interest in food. I keep meaning to bake some bread, make some apricot crumble slices and chickpea crisps but I haven't been bothered to yet. I just need to force myself to do one of these things and then I'll be back to my old self.

I've also been a little lack lustre with exercise.

I'm usually quite a gym bunny - I'll do cardio and weights mixed in with yoga and pilates at least 5 times a week, but after a self assessment I realised that I wasn't very happy with the results. I'm quite petit and naturally muscular and was finding that squatting, lunging and using kettlebells was giving me really muscular legs. Being quite short, I realised that this wasn't the look I was aiming for. I was also beginning to beat myself up a bit if I missed a day of training, which is definitely not a good thing.

The odd thing about both of these things is that they're not caused by my mood. Usually, I would have said that I was feeling this way because I'm miserable, but that's not why for two reasons. Firstly, if I'm miserable, I have a tendency to overeat, and secondly, I've been feeling great lately (Cornwall and Tuscany have a lot to do with this).

Being away may have contributed as this has meant a change in routine - no gym going and far less regimented cooking at home. Whilst I was away, I completed quite a few hefty hikes. I realise how much more I enjoy this type of exercise rather than dragging myself out for a run (which I really hate). Coupled with my desire to do less weights, I've decided to pare back my exercise to mainly yoga and pilates with a couple of my favourite classes thrown in. I really love Body Attack as it's so fun (although it was far less fun last week when the air con broke in the gym and it was 34 degrees! I had to stop half way as I thought I was going to pass out), but I'm definitely going to avoid Body Pump. I've also stopped sprinting on the treadmill to be replaced with more cross training (which I also hate), but it will be less impact on my legs.

Tuscan trekking
impromptu rock climbing in Cornwall 

more yoga is definitely in order
I'm hoping that with all these changes that I'll soon find my exercise and food groove again.

Does your appetite vary? Have you ever lost your desire to cook? How do you find your 'groove' again?


  1. Good on you Hazel for addressing what you need at this moment in your life :) ! My appetite definitely varies (admittedly a lot with stress levels too) but also generally decreases in the hot weather - I also get periods where I crave certain 'junk foods' too (chocolate buttons and salty kettle chips!) but as it is normally once in a while (and often depends on my monthly cycle) I too just give it to myself as I'm mostly healthy otherwise...

    In terms of getting your 'groove' back,I think it is great you are listening to what you and your body feels like doing - I've definitely fallen into feeling guilty when missing out a run etc. but am in a good place at the mo, just doing plenty of yoga and the occasional run (which I do enjoy ;) ). Holidays can definitely jiggle things up a bit and rebalancing can be tricky but often a little structure e.g booking a class will get you back into the swing of things with a little pressure of attending these things!

  2. All that beautiful hiking looks like a wonderful change of pace from the gym! Maybe you are just enjoying summer. Also, brie and grape sandwich? Sounds like an amazing indulgence. For our wedding we had an appetizer of grapes rolled in soft cheese and then a layer of chopped walnuts....mmmmm.