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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Restaurant review: Brasserie Zedel

Brasserie Zedel is a fabulous place to visit if you're after a meal which is a real occasion. Situated near Piccadilly, it's also the perfect place to go for a pre or post theatre dinner.

After walking down a large flight of stairs, a huge dining room awaits you. The surroundings are incredibly opulent with perfect waiters and waitresses attired in classic uniforms bobbing around. To finish it off, there was a live pianist. It really feels like you've been transported back to Paris in the 1920s.

And the best thing about Brasserie Zedel? The price tag. All the dishes are reasonably priced - main dishes only really hit £15 at most, but it's the prix fixe menu which offers the best value at 3 courses for £11.75

Being cheap skates and very unoriginal, we all plonked for the prix fixe menu.

plentiful free french baguette
Unfortunately, my photos don't do it justice - I really ought to have used the flash.

We started with celeriac remoulade - this was really like a fancy coleslaw.

For main, it was chopped steak in a rich peppercorn creamy sauce accompanied by fries.

Then on to dessert - my favourite part of the Brasserie Zedel menu.

The prix fixe menu dessert was cafe gourmand - a cafetiere of coffee complete with mini desserts. Really great, but I simply had to order a floating island as well - a chilled custard with a poached meringue and praline slithers. This is quite possibly my most favourite dessert of all time. Light, yet luxurious and perfect to finish dinner with.

Cafe gourmand
floating island

My friend Sharenja picked the Brasserie's signature lemon tart. Probably the best lemon tart I've ever tried - a lovely thin pastry filled with a super zingy lemon filling.

If you have a special occasion coming up or just want a reasonably priced meal in opulent surroundings, then I can't recommend Brasserie Zedel enough.

Where's your favourite place to visit when you're celebrating a special occasion?

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  1. Ooh look at the decor, looks lovely! This place might actually be perfect as am going to see the play Chimerica in the area soon and a reasonably priced pre-theatre dinner sounds perfect! Did you have to book or did you just pop in? May have to try the floating island too... for some reason those and baked alaskas have always been on my "ones-to-try" list! Thank you for the e-mail too :)