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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Life: children at work

Last year I flew to Ghana to present a documentary on children at work for BBC education. Namely those children working in the cocoa plantations; picking and processing cocoa beans. I stayed with the children in a village in Northern Ghana and it was humbling to see how hard they worked and how happy they were to do that as it meant they were helping their families. Unfortunately the workers get paid very little for their work and, in this programme, we try to work out the reason why.

The video can be watched here until 5am on Wednesday 6th March.

Here I am discussing what life is like for these children working on a cocoa plantation.

Patrick is tending some young cocoa trees which he will later sell at market.

Some of the beautiful children in Akim Ofoase. 

Local school children queueing up before class.

I'm sat with Patrick's sister, Precious, watching her mother cook dinner.

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