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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Wild Caper

Before we make the big move north of the river to Walthamstow, we're determined to squeeze in as many visits as possible to our favourite haunts south of the river. Ultimately, this really means as many visits to Brixton Village as is humanely possible.

There are so many amazing pop ups in Brixton Village and we will never manage to visit all of them by the time we move in (hopefully!) 3 weeks, but today, Wild Caper was on the cards.

M and I woke up late this morning. And by that I mean very late. 11.30 to be exact. It may have had something to do with the fact that we were out 'til the early hours at the incredible Model Market in Lewisham (which I promise to blog about very soon).

By the time we had managed to drag ourselves to Brixton Village it was late. Luckily, Wild Caper continues to serve brunch until 3pm, so rocking and up wanting breakfast at 2.30pm caused no issues.

Wild Caper serves one of the best coffees I've ever had in London (shockingly it's better than Monmouth in my opinion) and their lattes were a very reasonable £2.

After careful examination of the menu we both went for the Eggs Hollandaise with smoked Gloucester Old Spot bacon. It's really annoying when you both pick the same as you don't get to try the other person's food, but we were both determined to stick to our guns and order that so two identical breakfasts it had to be.

Oh boy, the food was simply exquisite. Wild Caper uses the best quality ingredients possible. This means artisan Sourdough, the smokiest of bacon and egg yolks whose colour had to be seen to be believed.

Take a look at the prices too - very reasonable indeed.

For a breakfast which is out of this world and won't break the bank, go to Wild Caper. Find them @BrixtonVillage, follow @WildCaper  

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