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Monday, 9 June 2014

Seven At Brixton

Cheeky after work drinks could only mean one place, Brixton Village. Ana and I ventured there last Tuesday. Brixton Village has such a cool, laid back vibe. No one's judging what you're wearing, just catching up with friends over post-work drinks.

Seven's also high on my list of favourite cocktails places, because unusually for London, they're just £5 each.

Such deliberation!
We both chose the Lemon Cheesecake Martini, which sounded promising, but was let down by the ginger nut sprinkles on top which went soggy and unpleasant pretty quickly. The appearance was far from appetising too.

Giving up on the cocktails, we went for a bottle of Red. Ana's Spanish and went straight for the most expensive bottle on the list, a Rioja priced at £24.

I'm not sure either of us thought that it was worth its elevated price tag, but we happily sipped away.

Brixton Village turns into a pop up dining and drinking extravaganza in the evening but in the day time is a traditional produce market. When we turned up at 5pm, it was still very much the day market, so although we started off sat downstairs we soon had to escape the strong bouquet of the next door fish store for the upstairs seating area.

Downstairs at Seven:

Upstairs at Seven:

A few hours later, and the rest of Brixton Village was heaving (amazing for a Tuesday evening and shows how very popular the place is). We couldn't be bothered with queuing for either Honest Burger or Franco Manca so we ordered the large sharing platter from Seven. It was fine - and staved off our hunger - but Ana was pretty unimpressed. She's used to great value, high quality tapas in Spain and finds our English offerings pretty poor in comparison.

I'm no expert on the Spanish food front. To my uneducated palette it all tasted pretty good.

As always, a visit to Brixton Village had to include a visit to Chillbox, which surely sells the best value froyo in the whole of London.

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