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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Cross, Kenilworth

It feels like aaaaages since I last knocked out a blog post. Bath feels like a life time ago, too. I hate being an absent blogger, so I've dedicated a little time today to write this one.

This weekend I went back to Warwickshire to visit my beloved Grandma as it's her 88th birthday tomorrow, not that I need any kind of excuse to go and see her!

We took her to the same place we always go - The Cross in Kenilworth. It's recently changed hands but the food's much the same - think gastro pub/restaurant fayre. At £25 for a three course Sunday lunch it's definitely not cheap, but we all enjoyed ourselves hugely. My favourite course was my starter: battered duck egg with a melting yolk, bacon, black pudding and salad. Pretty much breakfast in starter form - what more could you want? I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Grandma's salmon
Fried duck egg with black pudding
Sunday roast
Creme caramel
Doughnuts, bay leaf panna cotta, gingerbread ice cream and blackberry compote
The birthday girl - 88 years young!

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