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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Saturday shopping

Yesterday ended up being really successful. My stupid body clock meant that I (again) woke up early, but it did at least mean that I managed to get into a spinning class at 9:15am.

Once that was done and dusted, I ate one of my breakfast muffins (recipe to follow soon - these really are the best) and M and I went to Oxford Street (something which I've been meaning to do for what feels like weeks, but haven't managed to squeeze in).

I quickly found a sturdy pair of winter boots that I've been hunting for for ages in Russell and Bromley and picked up some discount sportswear in Sports Direct. Our Nespresso capsules had been getting alarmingly low so we stocked up in the Regent Street store before sampling the new chocolate coffee blend.

After that we had a well earned lemon tart sitting outside at Brasserie Zedel. This felt super continental and luxurious - whoever heard of sitting outside in October?! Long may this Indian summer last!

We then ambled down to Green Park. I'm so glad we did. We ended up wandering into Carpo (a new Spanish dried fruit, coffee and chocolate bar - seriously cool and worth a visit). We purchased some almond chocolate.

After this, we called into Minamoto Kitchoan (a Japanese sweet cakes shop). It was so beautiful and tranquil - I felt like I'd been transported to Japan. I bought a delicious glutinous rice, red bean paste and sweet chestnut cake. The texture takes a bit of getting used to, but it was absolutely delicious.

I couldn't resist visiting Burlington Arcade (I can't wait for the Christmas lights to go up in there, it's so very christmassy) and ogling the Lauderee macarons which are supposed to be the best macarons in London. I can't comment on that because after Brasserie Zedel and my Japanese cake, I was well and truly stuffed, but I'm sure I'll get round to sampling them one day.

It was such an unexpectedly good day, which we rounded off with dinner at Claude's Kitchen in Parsons Green, somewhere I'd definitely recommend. I couldn't take any pictures unfortunately because it was lit pretty much exclusively by candlelight and it would have been ultra disturbing to the other diners if I'd used my flash.

What are the best Maracrons you've ever tried? What did you do this weekend?  

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  1. Love all of your photos of the cute shops! As for macaroons, I've tried the Laduree ones (from their shop in Covent Garden) which were ok but couldn't compete at all with Hermes in the Selfridges food hall - a real must, their salted caramel ones are to die for! The boyf and I had an absolutely stonker of an evening on Saturday seeing the absolutely mind-blowing play Chimerica in soho (we were going to go to Brasserie Zedel but ran out of time so we plumped for dumplings in China Town instead!).