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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bringing blogging back

Sorry I've been absent for so long. I recently started working at a new school as a science teacher and have been run off my feet. Sadly weekends have been taken up with endless marking. I'm still managing to catch up with my favourite blogs, but Fresher Food, Fresher Approach has unfortunately fallen by the wayside.  Additionally, as I said to the lovely Lucy from Lucyonthelookout, occasions worth blogging about have become far more sparse too!

However, I really enjoy blogging and being absent has really sucked. I was thinking of how I could start blogging again more frequently and have decided that my posts will just have to be much shorter, so apologies in advance for that! I'm also writing this post on my phone waiting for a train, talk about time management!

I stumbled across this amazing yurt cafe on the way to Bristol Temple Meads station. Seriously quirky and unexpected in the middle of Bristol's business district.

It was such an unseasonably warm day that we sat outside and I had an odd combination of elderflower and pink gooseberry sorbet and tea. Both were delicious and very well priced.

How did you spend the lovely warm weekend? How do you manage to keep blogging when time is short?


  1. Welcome back :) ! I love the sound of elderflower sorbet, it's one of my favourite flavours (though have only tried it in drinks thus far..!)

    As for the blogging, it is difficult and for me is the first thing to fall by the wayside during busy periods. Blogging whilst commuting sounds like a great idea, as does shorter posts. I personally often switch from 'blogging mode' to nothing though it would be ideal for me maybe even just setting the goal of one post a week...

    Hope the new job is going well!

  2. Love the yurt, it's very cool! A friend of mine's son spent a year in London living on a rooftop yurt-- I saw pictures but would have loved to see it in person. I haven't been blogging much lately either, I've had other priorities which is fine, but it's nice to get back to it when I have a chance.