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Monday, 8 April 2013

Restaurant Review: The Marylebone Hotel, London

afternoon tea at the marylebone hotel 

My friend Lucy and I fancied a treat, so after trawling website after website for opinions on the best afternoon tea in London we picked The Marylebone Hotel. We were also keen to try it as they had a special offer on of two teas for £25 as opposed to their usual price of £25 per head.
The afternoon tea was great in that it felt like a really special occasion. We were shown to a huge sofa with a coffee table laid out ready for afternoon tea. You would never think that we were on a 2 for £25 offer. The staff were extremely attentive and keen to assist, although prone to forgetting to bring us extra jam or water when we asked for it! However, I really enjoyed the explanation of the tea options. I also loved the fact that we could order as many different types of tea as we wanted. I was very grateful that they changed my sandwiches to suit my dietary needs of no fish and mustard at short notice. 

The sandwiches themselves were tasty if a little dry around the corners. The scones unfortunately were bizarre. They looked beautifully golden but were underdone (somehow!) in the middle - very doughy indeed. Lovely jam and clotted cream accompaniments, though. There was a nice selection of cakes. I sometimes find that afternoon tea can be pretty restrictive and boring. However, we were offered bakewell tart, operetta and a passion fruit panacotta. The portion sizes were large so we ended up taking any uneaten food home. My boyfriend hugely appreciated that! It's hard to summarise The Marylebone. In terms of value for money and feeling special, however, it was perfect.

If you're keen to try out this offer, you can find it here. The offer runs until the 30th June. I really do recommend it. The experience itself was fabulous.

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