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Monday, 3 March 2014

Not just another burger...GBK

In this new age of burgers, people often overlook Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I read endless blogs which are on the quest for the perfect burger, and many ignore GBK altogether and don't even bother to review it.

However, in my opinion, this is an absolute oversight because GBK may actually be a great way of getting that burger fix without having to queue for hours a la Honest Burgers and Patty&Bun.

Yes, it won't be the best patty you've ever eaten, but will it be tasty and don't forget that you will be accompanying it with the world's best every milkshake, Oreo.

I've been known to buy take out oreo milkshakes just to feed my out-of-control oreo milkshake addiction.

Last time, I visited* GBK, I ordered an avocado and bacon burger, while my friend, Lucy, went for a chicken burger. Chicken burgers are always a no no as far as I'm concerned but she seemed pretty pleased with her decision.

We accompanied our meal with sweetcorn and sweet potato chips.

Don't forget the GBK app which is an excellent way of getting discounts on your burger. M and I use it all the time for a cheap weekday treat.

Where's your favourite go to burger joint?

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