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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Restaurant review: The Marylebone Hotel

108 restaurant
I mentioned in an earlier post that I had previously eaten afternoon tea at the Marylebone Hotel. Whilst I was there, I took a peek at the restaurant and I liked the look of it. When I got home, I checked out the menu online and found it to be mostly made up of steaks and grills. I'll be honest - the main reason as to why I was keen to eat here is that I saw that the steaks came from the Ginger Pig butchers and the cheese on the cheese board was from La Fromagerie. I used to work at the Ginger Pig in Marylebone and know how incredible their meat is. I also used to walk past La Fromagerie every time I left work. It's always looked so tempting, but so far I've never ventured in.

The Ginger Pig specialises in rare British breeds and it's always a real treat sampling any of their meat. However, even with staff discount it was still a little too expensive for me and very much an infrequent treat. Since leaving the Ginger Pig (and sadly losing my discount), buying their meat has no longer been an option. At the Marylebone Hotel I see that they charge £30 for an 8oz fillet steak and £8 for a cheese board from La Fromagerie. So yes, a lot of money. I was therefore incredibly happy to find a dining offer on Top Table which was 50% off the a la carte menu as long as you dined before 7pm. The great thing about this offer is there are no restrictions on the day of the week or what you're allowed to pick on the menu. I can't stand set menus where there's barely anything to choose from and what options there are cheap cheap - in terms of ingredients.

My bacon and asparagus starter was delcicious - the soft boiled egg which came with it was divine - a beautifully soft yolk. I followed this with the 6oz fillet steak with pepper corn sauce, chips and spinach. The spinach was very dull - simply boiled baby leaves. The chips were disappointing - they tasted overdone and as if they'd been sat around for quite a while. The peppercorn sauce was tasty but overly salty. The steak itself was delicious, cooked medium rare (my preference), and nicely seasoned on the outside. For dessert, Martin had a very uninspired fruit platter while I chose the La Fromagerie cheese platter. Sadly the platter was disappointing. None of the cheeses were particularly exciting or tasty for that matter and it could really have done with a strong blue cheese. The tomato chutney it was served with however was to die for.

In terms of atmosphere, 108 is a tastefully decorated with a nice hum of conversation  As far as hotel restaurants fair, 108 compares favourably because there was none of the clinical blandness you get in some hotel restaurants. Our waiter was friendly and helpful too and didn't make you feel like you were on a voucher in the slightest. I hate it when restaurants make you feel rubbish because you're dining on a discount voucher.

All in all, 108 restaurant is a really good dining experience as long as you use the voucher. Three course (including fillet steak, cheese platter and asparagus), plus a glass of Riesling for less than £30 is exceptional value. We also greatly appreciated the freshly baked focaccia and fudge petit fours. You really can't complain at all. Also service charge was charged on the reduced bill as opposed to the full bill before discount. I would still have enjoyed it if we'd paid the full price, but the whole experience is enjoyed all the more knowing that you're getting such great value for money.

Where have you dined out recently? Do you know of any restaurants with particularly good offers or ones which are generally just great value?

PS I just downloaded the Great Gatsby sound track off Amazon, priced £9.99, and it's greeeeeat. Highly recommend.

Music from Baz Luhrman's Film The Great Gatsby


  1. I went there last night on the same deal. I had the sausages - I agree that with the deal it was excellent value, but I wouldn't want to pay full price for it

    1. How were the sausages? I think I will visit again (as long as the offer is still on), but I'm not sure I'd have the steak. I'm beginning to realise that I'm not actually all that keen on it!

  2. I wish I'd known about this offer :( I thought it was far too expensive when I went!

    1. Oh no! It's so annoying when that happens - I hope you had a lovely meal all the same. Do you have a tastecard? It does pretty good deals on a lot of restaurants, although unfortunately most of the offers don't apply on a Friday or Saturday