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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

General musings....

Well, I really can't believe that it's 2012! When on earth did that happen? This year seems to have flown past. I'm not altogether pleased with 2011. Work wise, I spent 6 months training to be a teacher (although enjoyable in parts, not actually what I wanted to be doing) and then the next 3 months working at the Ginger Pig which although sounded promising to begin with, turned out not to be. This largely was due to my actual job being nothing like the one I had been promised. I had been led to believe that I would be running their new cookery school, but what with one set back and another, my job in the end actually entailed being a shop assistant serving many rude customers. One of the best comments was 'Girl, get me a sausage roll!'. I hated the lack of pleases and thank yous from many of the customers. One thing I think that should be outlawed is the use of mobile phones when in a shop. It is abominably rude to use a mobile when ordering and expecting the server and other customers in the shop to wait while you finish your conversation. Grrrrr.

Soooo, new year, new start hopefully. It's so difficult working out exactly what to do. We all want a job that pays well, is enjoyable and gives lots of freedom, right? Considering the financial crisis we are in, I'm beginning to realise that this perfect job does not exist and that settling for second, third or even forth best, may be the best we can ever hope for. How very pessimistic, but it's the way I'm currently viewing the world.

For me, 2012 will be about finding the *best* job possible, while still managing to find time to explore all the avenues that food offers. Whether it is eating out at restaurants, travelling to explore local flavours, or merely testing out some recipes which particularly tempt me in my christmas cookbooks. This year I received 'Mrs Beeton's, How to Cook.'Do these old fashioned recipes really have a place in today's cosmopolitan world? I intend to find out and report back to you.

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