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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cake Bake for Marie Curie

My boyfriend's mum asked me to bake cakes for her friend's charity cake sale. I love any excuse to bake, so one for a good cause where I could make masses was something which I was not going to refuse. In the end I made lemon mini cupcakes (incredibly easy to make), white chocolate and blueberry muffins (my favourite flavour of muffins) and a trusty old coffee cake.

Here are the two coffee cake sponges, prior to baking.

Busy making one of the many icings of the day. This is the coffee butter icing. Butter icing is my favourite kind of icing.

Lots of white chocolate and blueberry muffins, both mini and normal sized ones (I ran out of muffin cases).

The finished coffee cake and lemon cupcakes.

All of my afternoon's efforts arranged together.

 A really awful photo of me at the charity cake sale. Beautiful weather.

 Here's a selection of all the cakes people had kindly made and donated to the good cause.

Success! only one slice of my coffee cake remained by the time we left. It can't have tasted too awful...

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